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Cloud Solutions

Cloud based phone systems are cost effective and feature rich. This solution is ideal for small to medium size companies.

On-Premise Solutions

We offer on-premise VoIP and digital phone systems which connect to VoIP or analog phone service.

Top Brand Resellers

We are resellers of all the top business phone system products and solutions.

Many Options

We offer a wide range of business phone systems and solutions.

– Reduce monthly costs
– Increase reliability and performance
– Completely customizable and user-friendly

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Business Phone Systems NJ

DBSI is a leading business communication solutions provider, specializing in business phone systems, network cabling and video surveillance systems for your workplace. Whether you are moving your office, upgrading where you currently work or opening somewhere new, DBSI will help to provide you with the business communication systems that you need for your business needs. With DBSI, your business communication and business phone systems will be made much simpler, and they will be done right.

DBSI offers your business a variety of business phone systems. They are all designed to help to reduce energy costs, as well as increase reliability and performance. They are all completely customizable and user-friendly too, which is great news for small businesses, as well as your peace of mind. We know that all businesses have unique and specific needs which is why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with what we offer. We have a wide range of business phone systems NJ, as well as solutions for your specific and unique needs. Not only that, we are resellers of top business phone system products, so you will be able to find something to suit your needs, as well as your budget. Our team of experts can provide you with custom NJ small business phone systems that will suit your business communication needs and the goals that you have. We offer affordable solutions, but that doesn’t mean that the performance or quality is reduced.

Business Phone Systems To Suit Every Business

When you are looking to find the right phone system that is best suited to your business, it will help your business to grow and to thrive At DBSI we are ideally placed to deliver the system that will be right for you. As a result, we can help you to serve customers more effectively, enable collaboration, and help to support your team with ongoing flexible working.

There are a number of systems that you could choose, so it is all about your goals and your needs. Traditional business phone systems have needed an on-site PBX in the past. This is something that can now be managed remotely, and why you might hear us talk about ‘cloud-based’ systems. Cloud based systems can offer businesses some scalability options and they are definitely an affordable option.

You may require a plug in Voice over Internet Protocol handset (VoIP) as it can help to save you money on the calls that you make; essential for small businesses with a lot of outgoing calls. You may require a cloud-based VoIP which is much larger, so that you can power a call centre, for example. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the solution that you need with us. As what we offer is so cost-effective, you will be set up for the future of your small business, as our options are easily adaptable to growth.

business phone systems nj

Support And Installation

It can be a big decision to switch over your business phone system. But with DBSI, we can make sure that business can keep going as usual. We will take care of everything, from installing your new business phone system first, alongside what you already have, so that there is little to no disruption. When you’re good to go, the switch will be seamless, giving you peace of mind for your business. If you ever need any help or guidance, then you can call us to speak to our team of experts for help and advice. We can also arrange for engineers to come to your office if required, so that your business can carry on as usual.

We know that your business phone system needs will be unique to your business, which is why we work alongside you to get the solution that will help the most. We are proud of the service that we can offer, as well as the ongoing support that we can offer you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help, and to get a free quote. Choose DBSI for all your business phone system needs.

Business Phone Systems FAQs

If you are thinking about what kind of systems will be right for you and your business needs, then you have to assess what your needs are. For instance, is getting a VoIP going to be the right thing for your business? If your workplace suffers from having low broadband speeds, then you may not be able to fully make the most of a VoIP phone system; they wouldn’t be able to work at their full potential. Instead, looking at more standard business phone options could help.
Do you need to have a business phone system that has call monitoring and management software, or call reporting? If that is the case, then it is worth speaking to our team about the options that are available to you, with the systems that can help your business to improve. If you need to make the most of video calls, then again, there are options for you. Our HiHi systems can help you to see more during video calls. It is a must for small businesses that really need to improve client relationships, or businesses that have a lot of calls to clients or remote workers.

If your business is a small one, with a small team, then the capacity to have people monitoring the phones all day is reduced. Which is why we have options for small businesses. Alongside having an easy phone system to use, we can help you to get a phone system that comes with some great additional features. Features like integrating with your computers can benefit a small business, as well as call recording. This will help you to be able to listen back to each call.

Call reporting is another option that can benefit a small business, so that you will be able to see all missed calls. For a small business, these features of our phone systems can be invaluable.

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